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Rental Agreement


This Agreement, made and executed this _______day of _________________, by and between _________________, hereinafter called the “Landlord” and ______________________________, hereinafter called the “Tenant(s).” Landlord represents that the housing premises at. ______________________________________________________________,is in good clean and habitable condition, to which the Tenant(s) hereby agree, and in consideration of mutual promises hereinafter set forth, the parties hereto agree as follows:
1. Term.The rental contract shall be for the period beginning the ____________________________________and ending the_______________________________________. Tenant(s) agree to notify Landlord in writing, of their intent to vacate thirty (30) days prior to the ending date of this contract. If the Tenant(s) continue to occupy the premises after the expiration of the term of this contract, and the Landlord elects to accept rent thereafter, a month to month tenancy will be enforced, terminable by either party on thirty (30) days notice. A month to month tenancy will include the same rental terms and conditions as those herein specified.
2. Rent.The rental for the property and furnishings listed herein, if any shall be __________________per month payable in advance, and the rent shall commence on the ________________________________. The first rental payment shall be prorated to the first day of the following month, and the rent thereafter shall fall due on the fifth(5) day of each and every month. A late charge of $10.00 per day will be charged or deducted from deposit for each day that the rent remains unpaid after the fifth (5) day of each month.
3. Security Deposit.A security deposit of $ __________________ shall be paid, which deposit shall be refundable to the Tenant(s), together with a written itemization of any deductions from said deposit and the reasons for said deductions on or before thirty (30) days after the termination of tenancy. This security deposit shall not be applied to rent, but shall be applied by Landlord at his discretion to reduce damages as provided by law. The Landlord at his option will apply some to the payment of accrued rent and/or damages beyond fair wear and tear, cleaning expenses (hired cleaners only), and in the event of early termination the costs of re-listing and re-leasing said premises. Retention of this deposit by Landlord shall not relieve Tenant(s) from paying the full amount of damage less credit for the amount retained. The remaining refund of this above deposit, if any, shall be issued by_________________________, “Landlord”.
4. Inventory Damage.All missing, broken, or damaged articles described in the inventory attached hereto, or which may be hereafter furnished to the Tenant(s) shall be deducted from the total security deposit (at replacement cost). If the security deposit does not cover the entire cost of replacement of any missing, broken or damaged articles, Tenant(s) hereby agree to pay the amount that is necessary to replace said articles. Tenant(s) are held responsible for all damages to furnishings of the premises caused by Tenants(s) negligence, or that of their guests, including fire, lawn, sprinkler and pavement damage. There will be a $10 replacement fee for all apartment and mail keys lost. Tenant(s) shall report leaky or defective faucets at once. Expenses or damage caused by stopping of waste pipes or overflow from bathtubs, toilets or washbasin must be paid by Tenant(s) as well as any damage to building or furnishings.
5. Disclaimer of Liability.Landlord will not be liable or responsible in any way for damage to any article belonging to said Tenant(s) located in said premises or other premises under control of Landlord. No Tenant(s) or their guests are allowed to trespass on the north lot,. If anyone trespasses on this lot, the Landlord is not responsible or liable for any accidents which may occur, this being any property or physical damage.
6. Rules and Regulations.No Dogs, Cats, or other animals will be allowed in or on the premises or grounds at any time unless otherwise approved by Landlord. There is absolutely no smoking in the apartments at any time and no smoking within 50 feet of the said premise. Bikes are not allowed inside and water beds will not be permitted. Violation by the Tenant(s) of city, state or federal laws shall be deemed sufficient cause for immediate termination of tenancy by the Landlord. Any disorderly conduct by Tenant(s) which disturb the peace, shall be cause for immediate termination of tenancy. Tenant(s) acknowledge that they have read the house rules ( if any are given ) which are attached to this contract and become part thereof, and agree to abide herewith, together with any other such rules and regulations set up by the Landlord.
7. Default.Failure to perform any of the above terms and conditions by the Tenant(s) shall be construed as a breach of contract and will require the Tenant(s) to remedy said failure or to vacate the premises within three (3) days. The security deposit shall be forfeited if Tenant(s) are so forced to vacate the premises, and the Landlord may enter said premises and take and retain possession of the same and exclude Tenant(s) thereafter. Should Tenant(s) fail to pay any rental installment on or prior to the due day of each month as provided, a $10 per day service charge shall be added to said installment for each month or portion thereof that said installment remains delinquent. No provisions in this agreement shall affect rights and procedures available to the Landlord as provided by law.
8. Right to Inspect.Landlord reserves the right to enter the premises at all reasonable times for the purpose of inspection, repairs, disturbances, and to show the premises to prospective Tenant(s) or buyers. If Tenant(s) are in violation of any of the regulations herein this contract the Landlord reserves the right to terminate tenancy.
9. Assignment.Tenant(s) shall not assign, transfer, or sublet their interest to this contract or permit additional persons to occupy the premises without the prior written consent of the Management.
10. Utilities and Maintenance.Responsibility for utilities and maintenance shall be as indicated. Landlord: Ground maintenance. Tenant(s): ( )Gas ( )Power, ( )Water, ( )Sewer, ( )Garbage. Tenant(s) are responsible for keeping their apartments and the lawn clean.
11. Personal Property.Furniture, fixtures, and personal property of Tenant(s) may not be removed from the premises until rent and other charges are fully paid.
12. Joint Tenant Liability.No provisions of this contract can be waived except by the written consent of Landlord. If more than one Tenant is named in this contract, the liability of each shall be joint.
13. Cost Of Enforcement.In the event of failure to faithfully perform the terms and covenants herein set forth, the defaulting party shall pay all costs, expenses, and attorney fees resulting from the enforcement of this contract.
14. Enforce Ability.Should, for any reason, any portion or paragraph of this agreement be declared void, the balance of the agreement will remain in full force and effect.
15. Inspection Sheet.The inventory and inspection sheet, attached hereto, becomes a part of this rental contract and inventory, and Tenant(s) hereby agree that they have seen and agree with the said inventory and inspection sheet.
16. Cars and Parking.Parking space has been provided for 1 vehicle per tenant. No trucks larger than the pickup variety will be allowed. All vehicles must be currently licensed and in a running condition. No parking of vehicles is allowed on the lawns at any time. Parking spaces are not meant to provide storage, automobile workshop area, etc. Parking spaces are meant for operating vehicles only. Cars will not be repaired or painted on lots. Vehicles with oil leaks will be towed at the owners expense and pavement damage will be paid for by the responsible party, being the Tenant(s) or their guests. Absolutely no motorcycles without prior approval by Landlord. There will be no storing of trailers, boats or campers by Tenant(s) without prior approval in writing from the Landlord. There is no parking available for guests.
17. Removal of Tenant(s) Property.Tenant(s) shall remove all personal property at the time of vacating the premises and return the keys thereof to the Landlord. Any and all personal property left in or about the premises and not so removed by the above specified time shall be removed by the Landlord and shall be disposed of as provided by law without any liability to the Landlord.
18. Occupancy.If for any reason the Landlord is unable, at the time specified herein, to deliver occupancy of the premises to the Tenant(s), the Landlord shall not be liable for any damage to the Tenant(s) or other parties. Failure to timely deliver occupancy will not however void this agreement, but rent shall not, during said time, be required.
19. Service Charge.A standard service charge of $25 will be levied against any returned checks. Tenant will be charged an additional $10 for every day funds have not been paid in full to Landlord on a returned check. These charges will be fully enforced.
20. Important Clause.Renters deposit will be forfeited if any part or parts of this contract is not executed.
21.Termination by Landlord. In any of the following instances the landlord may elect to terminate this lease, re-enter and take possession of property or file an Eviction Notice (1) failure of the tenant to pay rent when due (2) Sell or change ownership of property. (3) Possession of pets in violation of the rental agreement (4) occupancy of the rental property by persons not named on the lease or rental agreement (5) material disturbances of other tenants (such as extreme noise disturbances)
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